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Quadrille Will Support BFBS in Delivering Content to UK Armed Forces and Humanitarian Aid Projects

Quadrille Partners with British Forces Broadcasting Service

Paris, May 3, 2021 -- Quadrille, a Paris-based content solutions and software service provider, announced that the company will support British Forces Broadcasting Service (BFBS) to deliver information and content to the UK Armed Forces and humanitarian aid projects, especially during this global health crisis. Previously, Quadrille and BFBS have worked to develop QuadriFast technology into the BFBS solutions, enabling the organization to send all types of content including, video entertainment, newspapers, training manuals.

Media and entertainment solutions are the keys to leverage opportunities from several industrial verticals. With the rising demand for video streaming services and delivery platforms, cutting edge software solutions will ensure the secure transmission and delivery of content across multiple platforms.

Quadrille's QuadriFast™ pushes non-linear content and stores it on STBs or media gateways where it is immediately accessible for viewing on a television, or on a smart device via local wi-fi. Likewise, QuadriLive™ delivers Live OTT content that can be viewed using the same hardware. Quadrille’s MSTORE client can dynamically manage incoming and stored content for distribution, renewal, and removal. It can also be customized to incorporate, content filtering, ad insertion, ad stitching, replays, and catch-up of any kind.


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