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REPORT: Satellite-based Earth Observation Technology, Innovation, and Market Trends

Satellite-based earth observation technology has recently gained momentum in the global commercial, civil, government, and defence verticals. Our team at Access Hub have briefly dissected this topic to better understand the EO industry, latest technologies, innovation, and market trends.

The report aims to provide a brief outlook on the satellite-based earth observation (EO) industry, trends, and applications on a global scale.

The report consists of multiple chapters, each covering dynamic aspects of the industry, market trends, and action-oriented case studies.

It also gives a brief introduction of the basic concepts, value chain, and industry development status of EO. Considering the upstream and downstream market segments, the report further analyzes the technology and business development status of EO over the past few decades.

The report also provides an extended outlook on new technology trends and multidimensional forecasts for the global satellite EO market up to 2030; which estimates that the satellite-based EO market will reach $1 trillion+ in market value.

For more information, download the full report.

REPORT_Satellite-based Earth Observation Technology, Innovation, and Market Trends
Download PDF • 2.39MB


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