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Viasat Successfully Integrated Link 16 Crypto Modernization Capability for Small Tactical Terminal

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

Strasbourg, France, December 3, 2020 -- Viasat Inc. a global communications company, announced today it has successfully integrated Link 16 Cryptographic Modernization (Crypto Mod) capability into its KOR-24A Small Tactical Terminal (STT), ahead of the U.S. Government mandate, to help ensure warfighters have assured access to mission-critical information when using Link 16 communications—regardless of location (air, land or sea) or platform (aircraft, ground vehicle, ship or dismounted warfighter).

The KOR-24A STT is the world’s only multi-channel radio capable of performing Link 16 communications in a small form factor, and includes interoperable functionality to improve communications between U.S. and international coalition partners’ military agencies requiring critical information from multiple networks.

"By taking a proactive approach, Viasat’s KOR-24A STT successfully achieved Link 16 Crypto Mod requirements ahead of the U.S. government mandate,” said Andy Kessler, vice president and business area director, Next Generation Tactical Data Links business, Viasat. “As the reach, resiliency and relevancy of Link 16 grows, it will be important to expand these capabilities to help U.S. and coalition forces adjust to new mission needs.”

Viasat’s KOR-24A STT is a software-defined radio, which allows advancements like Crypto Mod to be accomplished via a software update without the need to take platforms out of service. The Company currently has over 1,800 STT units in service on a wide variety of fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft as well as ground vehicles, expeditionary gateways and maritime vessels across all U.S. military services, special operations forces and five international partners to date.

Introducing: Viasat’s Trade-in/Trade-up Program

To ensure Link 16 users can easily migrate to a crypto modern solution, Viasat is offering a Trade-in/Trade-up program. Through January 1, 2022, military agencies can trade in any manufacturer’s non-crypto modernized Link 16 terminal and receive a discount for the purchase of Viasat’s Crypto Mod-enabled KOR-24A STT. The Trade-in/Trade-up program will help ensure warfighters have assured, uninterrupted access to mission-critical information when using Link 16 communications during any critical mission.


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